CSR - Huaku Development Co., Ltd.

Professionalism, Stability and Sustainability

We build our business with “professionalism, stability and sustainability”.
To achieve our goals, we abide by three principles:"Respect our people”, “love what we do” and "treasure our resources”.
Respect our people: Customers, suppliers and employees are our company’s most valuable resources. We care for them, provide them with professional training and education, and do our best to meet their needs.
Love what we do: In pursuit of excellence, we abide by the rules, constantly update our professional knowledge, and carefully review our operations. We strive to achieve the organization goals to ensure our customers’ interests are met. We respect our work, seek the truth and compromise for greater good.
Treasure our resources: Our land is a non-renewable resource; our development is a venture in the future. We develop, plan and build with people’s interest in mind. Our architecture is an art that connects the life of the people.