About Huaku - Huaku Development Co., Ltd.

Core Mission

Huaku development Co., Ltd is a listed public company in Taiwan. As Huaku strives to contribute to the society, everyone at the company is guided by the corporate philosophy of “paving the way towards to sustainable development through sound operation and management”. It is our duty to provide clients premium living space that is safe and comfortable. Furthermore it is our responsibility and commitment to our clients for complete community management and outstanding after sales services.

Not only that, Huaku has also taken an active stance in giving back to the society by shaping the city's aesthetic contours, adopting green spaces and parks and greening public areas. In addition, we are also committed to the issues of sustained energy and carbon reduction so as to fulfill our social responsibilities to the planet and the future generations.


Value human resources
People are the greatest asset that Huaku has in its possession. The acknowledgement and support from clients and investors are the main driving force that propels us to outdo ourselves once again and again to create better projects. Our employees and affiliates are our biggest force for growth. As a gesture of gratitude to everyone at Huaku whom have contributed to the company’s success, we have endeavored to create the best working environment and benefits for our employees.

Respect for the professionalism
The undivided attention and cooperation between Huaku and its affiliated partners have been the key driving force that has kept Huaku going strong for more than 30 years. We have excellent professional talents and superb teamwork to achieve optimal efficiency with the motto “there is always room for improvement”, we make it a point to constantly absorb new knowledge for improvement and meticulously review each operational procedure and detail. It is such attention to detail and pursuit for perfection that have consolidated Huaku’s corporate empire for more than 30 years.

Cherish our natural assets
Huaku’s corporate culture to recognize that land is a non-renewable resources and non-renewable land resources that have been granted to us. Thus it is our mission to ensure that land is developed to its highest value. Due to the long-term impact of architectural works on the natural environment and their value as legacies for our future generation, Huaku is fully aware of the importance of proper development, planning and construction of architectural projects in order to bestow unlimited artistic values to our limited land resources and transform it into invaluable assets for the future generations. Such is the value that everyone at Huaku has vowed to contribute to the society.

Events & Milestones


Launched residential project "DA'AN TOWER"、"Greenside Mansion " 、"MOON LIGHT" and commercial building "TRADE AND FINANCE CENTER"、industrial building "Central Landmark"


Launched commercial buildings "FIT"、"IFC"and industrial building "National Landmark"


Launched residential project " Moon River"


Launched residential project "Bella Vita" 、"Garden Mansion"


Launched residential project "Park Mansion"、"Royal Highness"and a commercial project "IBF Tower"


Launched residential project "Le Mout"、"Your Majesty"、"Sky Garden"


Launched a residential project “Sweet Garden”.


Launched residential project “Huacheng”、“Moon Mansion”、“New World—SOHO & YOHO”.


Launched residential project “Sun Mansion”、“Cloud Mansion”、“The Universe”、“Sky Garden”、“Oasis Park”.


Re-invested Chengdu Wancheng Dubao Properties Ltd. and launched "Shahewan" commercial-residential mixed use development project recapitalization of earnings in a total of NT$ 54,277,000. The paid-up capital reached NT$ 2,768,127,000.
Launched a commercial project “V-PARK” and a residential project “Grand Vision”.


Acquired 80% shares of Wancheng Duobao Properties Limited in Chengdu. Converted company’s convertible bonds into shares with a total of NT$ 33,144,000 and increased capital with earnings by NT$ 78,249,000. The paid-up capital reached NT$ 2,713,850,000.


Converted company bonds into shares in a total of NT$ 65,000,000 and increased capital with earnings by NT$145,663,000 in July.
The paid-up capital reached NT$ 2,602,456,000.
Launched residential project "Zenith City"、"Sinica Palace"、"Premium Twin I & Premium Twin II"、"The Lake" and commercial project "RUEI KUANG"、"V5".


Registered the company name to HUAKU DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.
Second issuance of unsecured domestic convertible bonds listed on the OTC Board with a total of NT$ 1,000,000,000 in July.


Invested and had a 100% shareholding in Huamao Development Co., Ltd. in May.


First unsecured domestic convertible bonds with a total of NT$ 600,000,000 on the OTC Board in June. Increased in capital with capital reserve and earnings by NT$ 902,000,000 to NT$ 1,218,000,000. Converted unsecured convertible bonds to new shares and the paid-up capital reached NT$1,325,211,180 in October.


Acquired 41.67% of Taiwan Digital Construction Company’s shares in March. Relocated to 7F, No. 456, Sec. 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei City, Taiwan.


Applied for listing in August and became a public traded company.


Won the Ninth Chinese Architecture Golden Stone Award and The Best Factories & Office Buildings Golden Stone Award in planning and design in September.


Approved by Securities & Futures Institute to become an OTC company. Shares were available for trading in the OTC market in July.
Increased shares of affiliated business Pinshing Construction Firm to 100%.


Increased capital through earnings by NT$120,000,000 to NT$680,000,000 in June. Received the Golden Tripod Award for Top Ten Outstanding Construction Business in August.


Certified with IOS 9002 quality assurance system in June. Awarded "Real estate Development & Investment Identification" by the Ministry of the Interior in August.


Listed as a public company in November and increased the capital by NT$340,000,000 to NT$400,000,000.


Increased shares of affiliated business PinShing Construction Firm to 95%.


The company was founded and registered at 12F, No. 396, Sec. 1, Keelung Road, Taipei City, Taiwan, with a paid-up capital of NT$30,000,000



Title Name Education & Past Positions
Chairman Frank Chung
Master Degree in Management Science, National Chiao Tung University
Former General Manager, Chunghwa Real Estate Management
General Manager Jason Hung
Executive Master of Business Administration , National University of Singapore
Former General Manager, Farglory Land Development Co., Ltd.


Pinhsing Construction is a spin-off business fully funded by Huaku Development Co., Ltd. Pinhsing is primarily involved in the construction of housing projects undertaken by Huaku Development. Inheriting the spirit of Huaku Development's management philosophy, Pinhsing insists on honest management and reliable operations to become the artisan of classic architectures.

Outstanding team of engineers with profound experience in construction
Pinhsing Construction takes pride in its growth with Huaku Development. With projects including high-tech factory/office,villa-housing, collective housing, skyscrapers, luxury mansions and so forth undertaken by Huaku Development, Pinhsing was able to accumulate profound experience in construction. The team of outstanding engineers at Pinhsing has always been the company's most valuable asset, and Pinhsing has spared no effort in its cultivation and training of engineers. Through "practical construction experience", "learning from previous construction experience" and "construction education & training", Pinhsing is able to gradually strengthen engineers' competence and expertise. Not only that, the company has been recruiting new staff with impressive academic credentials to boost its talent pool. Through the heritage of experience and training, Pinhsing shall excel in the domain of construction with actual results in stride. 

Precise control over construction process
Pinhsing is able to establish optimized schedule as the general target of progress through overall planning and breakdown of details for any given project as soon as it has been confirmed. Pinhsing has the capacity to make immediate adjustments and satisfy Huaku Development's progress-related demands without compromising safety or quality of the construction when adjustments to construction progress become necessary due to changes in Huaku's marketing strategies.

Highly efficient systems of purchasing coupled with exceptional collaborating partners
Pinhsing Construction takes pride in its superb purchasing team and system. With an incredible insight for the market and the right purchasing strategy, Pinhsing is able to dramatically lower its purchasing costs. Banking on its sound financial structure and collect/loan system, Pinhsing is able to establish itself as a company of great credit and reputation among collaborating partners, whom have actively taken part in Pinhsing Construction's bidding and quotations. And as such, Pinhsing has successfully consolidated win-win relationship with its partner firms.

“Cost control” and “Value engineering”
Through the close integration of its "budget system" and "construction system", Pinhsing is able to monitor the difference between "subcontracting cost" and "implementation costs" at all time so as to keep the total costs below the allotted budget upon project closing. Not only that, Pinhsing is also capable of creating profits beyond expectation through the analysis of "value engineering" by adjusting construction techniques and subcontracting strategies.

“Zero accident” and “Zero occupational hazard”
Pinhsing believes "Life is Priceless". And as such, the company has never cut budgets for construction site and worker safety equipment and has gone at great lengths to ensure that all safety/hygiene facilities are compliant with the latest labor safety regulations. Pinhsing strives to create the safest work environment in order to accomplish its objectives of "zero accident" and "zero occupational hazard".

Formulation of win-win policies to foster connection with neighbors and surrounding environment
As Pinhsing wishes to minimize the impact on surrounding residents during the course of construction, the company has requested its construction office to establish effective channels of communication with neighboring residents and the company is more than happy to take part in various measures such as road adoption implemented by the government as gestures of goodwill. Pinhsing makes it a point to become a good neighbor to neighboring residents in order to prevent potential conflicts.

ISO certified construction quality to ensure customer satisfaction
Pinhsing's insistence on "construction quality" serves as its pledge to deliver the best to clients. Through ISO certified procedural control and schemes of self-inspection, Pinhsing is able to accomplish its goals of quality control in the hopes of elevating customer satisfaction by eliminating flaws in constructions.

Warranty services and construction feedback system
Huaku Development has established a comprehensive warranty service system that could promptly respond and resolve any problem that clients encounter. Through its feedback system, the discussions of causes of problems serve as the basis of construction technique review and improvement for the team. This explains why the company is always keen on facing and resolving problems.

Construction technique R&D and academia-industry collaboration
Pinhsing has made an effort to routinely host exhibitions for competitors in order to absorb new knowledge in construction. Pinhsing has always been eager to study and attempt new techniques/materials. In addition, Pinhsing has also been involved in academia-industry collaboration with renowned academic research institutions in Taiwan and taken part in middle-long term research projects for specific construction topics. Findings from these studies were then used in the review and improvement of existing construction techniques.

There is no doubt that Pinhsing Construction has proven itself as a reliable partner for Huaku Development. However, Pinhsing shall not be content with just being Huaku's exclusive construction firm. Everyone at Pinhsing wishes to fortify the company's competence in the area of construction even further so that it will eventually have the capacity to accept cases from other housing development companies in order to truly realize Huaku's corporate spirit.
Taiwan Digital Construction is a spin-off business funded by Huaku Development Co., Ltd. Guided by Huaku’s management philosophy, Taiwan Digital Construction has oriented its operation towards customer service. By delivering outstanding construction quality, efficacy and coordination, the company has adopted practical and effective methods along with word-of-the-mouth and professional marketing to become a specialized service provider for weak current system integration projects.

Taiwan Digital Construction’s main line of operation involves the installation of intercom systems and surveillance systems for upscale residential buildings and architectures, automated mechatronic control integration and relevant weak current system constructions with the capacity for standardized and comprehensive design planning, integrated construction and after-sales maintenance.

Presently, the company has a total of 28 members and seven construction vans. In terms of organizational structure, the company comprises customer service department, administration department, construction department, system application design department and sales department.

In addition to adopting rational management practices and delivering outstanding manpower and expertise while promoting the philosophy of customer value engineering with corresponding services, Taiwan Digital Construction hopes to play its part in making every building into an architecture that is modern, automated, digitalized and energy-saving building in the era of exquisite architecture.

Taiwan Digital Construction official website  http://www.tdac-tdac.com
In the past twenty years, due to the government's aggressive promotion of public infrastructures and development of high-density urbanization in Taiwan, the island's land resources have been substantially developed and tapped. Since land is a non-renewable resources, coupled with Taiwan's characteristics as a small island with dense population, the development of new usable lands and better use of our remaining land resources through the construction of sky scrapers and sub-terrain projects will inevitably become trend for public projects and urban development in the near future in addition to squeezing out more lands or renewing existing urban zones.

In light of such trends and in order to cater to the demands that will arise from them, the assembly of a team equipped with theoretical knowledge, experience, expertise and adequate management capacities in order to provide property proprietors with professional construction services that are safe and affordable has become the fundamental principle behind Full Come's initiation. 

Full Come Foundation Eng Ltd. is a spin-off business that specializes in basic constructions funded by Pinhsing Construction Firm (an affiliated subsidiary under Huaku Development). Ever since its initiation, the management team has insisted on the philosophies of being passionate, down-to-earth and innovative to achieve sustained management. By aptly applying the appropriate construction techniques along with experience and the capacity for problem solving, Full Come takes pride in being able to accomplish the tasks that clients have entrusted to the company.

Full Come's team comprises of talents in design, construction, machinery, management and finance. The team not only boasts profound practical experience in various fields of expertise but also impressive competence in design & construction planning and integration. In fact, Full Come has already been recognized as the leading name in professional techniques such as full-casing pile, secant pile wall, top-down steel prop suspension, BG technique, reverse circulation, auger drilling and etc.

Full Come's  official website  http://www.fullcome.com.tw/